Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Geek and Android Devices

In case you missed the update on our Kickstarter campaign, Geek is Android compatible.  Well, sort of.

This is a new realm for us.  As an MFI certified company, we've mainly focused our R&D in Apple's operating systems.  Honestly, we didn't think about Android at all until backers of our campaign started asking about it.

After a little research into just how large the Android market share is, Larry and I did an obligatory facepalm and started to work figuring out how to implement Geek on Android devices.  With many devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, Geek works right out of the box!  That's not the case on all devices, though.

We found a couple of very good resources to help you figure out if your Android device will easily connect with Geek.  Here's the list:


  1. Hi,

    We further tested Geek with USB Audio Recorder PRO. It works great!
    And it could go up to 192K PCM!! With a lot of settings and tweaking
    you could make on Android.

    Pretty Cool!

  2. So glad to hear you guys testing with Android. I was worried that it would draw too much power and not be able to work or be too complex to be recognized.

    When you tested without UARP, did you get noise? On some of my DAC/amps, they run at full power like a line out, so noise is at maximum. I can attenuate digitally, but that loses bits and it does nothing for the noise.

    Also, did you test other services like Pandora to see if they work natively (without UARP) with the GEEK? I assume only standard res with the GEEK without UARP (not a problem, I own only like 3 hi res albums currently).

    Sorry to bombard you. I have been waiting for quite some time for a DAC/amp that works the way I'd like with my Android devices. I REALLY don't want to get an iDevice for my audiophilish needs.


  3. Got your request. Will start playing with UARP now.

    Let's keep the discussion on going...


  4. This is so awesome. I ordered for the geek out and geek pulse bundle. Now I am a happy customer. Just hoping that Geek Out will work with Galaxy S4 with UARP app.

    Thanks Larry & Gavin!

  5. Even Geek Out 450 does not work on Samsung Galaxy S3.
    UAPP (full version) reports Error:
    "Failed to initialize USB device!..." and "Error: no USB audio device!"

    Maybe eats too much power, or some driver issue, or need special OTG cable...who knows.
    (and does not work on S4 either).